Quality Policy


FEVEGAR METAL CARPENTRY  S.L is a company dedicated to design, manufacture, sale and placement of aluminum metal carpentry, as a result of its consolidation in the market and the process of continuous in which it is immersed, (ha implantado) its quality management system in accordance with the requirements of the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015 satandard.

The management of FEVERGAR METAL CARPENTRY S.L, established the Quality Policy of its management system that based on:

- Commitment to continuous improvement

- The compliance with the legal requirements and regulations

- The compliance of the requirements set by our customers

The commitment of continuous improvement acquired by the Management and transfered and assumed by all the personnel of FEVEGAR METAL CARPENTRY S.L, allow us to meet the needs of customers, improve the service and quality of the manufactured product and exceed the expectations set, factors that allow us to improve the given image and offer and added value of competitiveness, endorsed by the infrastructure that we have.

The Management of FEVEGAR METAL CARPENTRY  S.L is commited to ensuring that its quality policy is communicated and understood by all comnpany personal as a integral part of the management system.

The quality policy is regularly proofread to secure its continuous adaptation, its also serves as a frame of reference of the establishment of quality objectives that FEVEGAR CARPENTRY  S.L acquires and revises according to the established planning.